January 25, 2022

How to Run a Successful Virtual Event

We have come to an era of virtual events, where hosting events are getting transitioned into an online platform. It’s a sudden change but there are many convenient options available in the market which supports us to host an event virtually. Virtual events have created a new dimension for the event industry and its helping to find new ways to create a seamless captivating experience for both the event planners and audience. The below illustrates a checklist that is useful when planning to launch your virtual event

Understanding Your Audience

It is very important to strategize your format. Define and know your what, why, how for the event. 

  • Meetings can be hosted with the help of software and applications to conduct pre-live recorded meetings or webinars such as zoom meetings and google meet etc.
  • Broadcasting studios with a small space will help host an event complete with the necessary technical assistance.
  • Conferences, live presentations interaction of clients, and the attendees can be done in 2D technology to make the event more lively.

Choosing MC/Host

A host will be the binding glue from the beginning to the end of the event. So choosing the apt MC is important. 

  • The MC/Host should be skilled and knowledgeable about the topic they are going to present. Since it is a virtual platform the host should be able to present the event without having a script in her/his hands and should be ready to face several cameras from different angles.
  • He/she should be able to do live interactions with the attendees who are attending the event.

Marketing your Event

Marketing is been practiced for ages now but as time is passing by even the concept of marketing is getting evolved. Before the event make sure to promote your event through the right marketing channels.

  • As the same that of the physical event virtual event should also be marketed advanced.
  • Using social event platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will help you resolving the marketing strategy of the event.
  • Having an event website to host the event and for promotional events will be of great help.
  • Sending out invites through social media and emails to the attendees will help you to reach out too many people

Date And Time

Like any other physical event, an online event should have a prompt date and time. 

  • Deciding date and time is very important since both the clients and attendees should be available to attend the meeting.
  • Since it is live many of the attendees will not be able to attend or will not get access to the meeting due to some technical issues, this problem can be solved by sending out the recorded videos from the dated event.

The concept of virtual events has given a safer perspective to the event industry, which requires no more cancellation of events. It’s a learning curve but an interestingly adventurous one which we should also adapt.

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